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Located near Zurich, Switzerland, Ziggurat was created by longtime friends that have worked in the UNIX world for over 15 years. We look to apply our experience to interesting and challenging projects. But, more than just providing finished solutions, we also look for ways to pass on the techniques and knowledge we've picked up along the way.


We began working with UNIX in the mid-1980s. One of our earliest projects was for the Berkeley UNIX team doing compiler development. At the same time we also worked with kernel programming, network programming, and ported a number of the GNU tools such as gcc, gdb, and gas to various hardware platforms.

Since then the UNIX world has grown dramatically and new technologies like Object Oriented Design, Java, and the Web have been introduced. We adopted these tools along the way and have applied them to large-scale, distributed software architectures, system administration infrastructures, user interface designs, and a even few hardware development projects.

Due to our location near one of the major financial centers of the world, we've often had the chance to work in that industry and are familiar with the language of currency exchange, options, and other financial instruments. These and similar projects have also given us practical experience with research technologies such as fractal theory and neural networks.

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