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Our Commitment To Privacy

Because ensuring personal privacy is at the foundation of our corporate philosophy, we have developed policies and procedures that we believe give you the highest level of privacy possible while still allowing us to provide you with useful services. This notice explains our information management practices in detail so that you can make better choices about the way your information is collected and used.


The points most commonly of interest are collected here for your convenience:

  • We will not collect personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") such as your name, mailing address, credit card number, or telephone number without your knowledge and permission.
  • We will not disclose your Personal Information to any third parties except as necessary in the normal course of completing business transactions with you.
  • We will make a reasonable effort to secure your Personal Information.
The remainder of this privacy policy explains its finer points in more detail.

Information We Collect

The information collected by our web site is extremely minimal. We do not use cookies or any other invisible tracking techniques. We do log basic access information such as the time a particular page was looked at and the internet address of the machine that made that connection.

If you choose to use our software products, they may communicate with our servers in the following situations:

  • A product may check for the availability of newer versions. In doing so, it sends our server your current product version as well as the type and version of the operating system you are using. These checks are usually automatic but you may disable this feature in the product preferences.
  • A product may request a temporary license and send our server a unique identifier for your computer account. This allows us to control the number of temporary licenses an account may request. Although the identifier is built from Personal Information (specifically, your MAC address and username), cryptographic technology (an MD5 hash) is used to ensure that we cannot obtain this information from it. In that sense, it is an anonymous identifier. A product will never send such a request without your permission.
  • A product may send a request to purchase a permanent license and send your name, address, credit card information, etc. This information must be entered by you and is not gathered from any files on your computer. A product will never send such a request without your permission.
If you choose to send us email, a copy of your email and any replies we send to you will be kept for our records.

How We Use Information

Any information we collect may be used by us to compile statistics about our customers and potential customers. This is done so we can better understand your needs and with the goal of providing better service and products in the future.

We do not share the Personal Information you provided about yourself with third parties except to the extent necessary to complete a business transaction with you.

Your email address will only be added to one of our mailing lists at your request and may be removed by you at any time.

How We Protect Your Information

Any Personal Information sent by one of our products to our server is always sent in encrypted form using modern cryptographic technology (RSA and Triple DES). The server stores this information without decrypting it and it is then copied off of the server to a computer without internet access before we process it. This means that your Personal Information is never sent over the internet or stored on an internet accessible database in decrypted form.

If we, in turn, need to send your Personal Information to a third party over the internet in order to complete a business transaction that you approved (to charge your credit card, for example) we will ensure that this is only done over a secure channel.

Due to the open and unprotected nature of the internet, information such as email correspondence and web site access logs are not generally encrypted in transit. So we do not make an effort to store this information on our site in an encrypted form.

Policy Changes

This privacy policy applies to all data currently collected by us. Any future changes in this policy will apply only to data collected after the date the new policy is posted.

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