Form and Function. Mac users expect both. AdSanity delivers with an application that gives you control over annoying web page ads in a way that's both effective and pleasing to the eye. AdSanity identifies GIF, JPEG, and Flash ads and pacifies them so you can surf in peace. Add some sanity to your web browser today.
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• Works With All Browsers
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The Form
Web ads are specifically designed to disturb your peace. They use brilliant colors, large text, and animation to distract you from what you're trying to do. And they are pretty good at it.

Typical ad blockers simply filter ads so they don't reach your screen. But that's not a very elegant solution. It can ruin the page layout, for example. And often they mistakenly block images that you want to see.

AdSanity doesn't just block ads - it transforms them so they are no longer distracting. Animation is halted and ads are made transparent so their strong colors blend into the background. That way the page layout is undisturbed and you can stay focused.

The Function
Identifying ads is not an easy job. From the point of view of your web browser, there is hardly any difference between an ad and a photo from a news story.

Ad blockers usually work by looking for telltale words like "ad" or "advertisement" in each web address. They rely on advertisers to give them these hints. And they hope that the real images don't give the wrong signals.

AdSanity uses Neural Network technology (machine learning) to identify ads. We trained our neural network with over 5000 images culled from the internet. The results? Ad identification with intelligence. Try AdSanity and see for yourself.

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