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We turn your ideas into software. Our emphasis is on quality design, testing, and documentation to help you reduce future maintenance costs. And we work for a fixed price paid on delivery rather than an hourly rate. So you not only outsource the hassle, but also the risk.


Today's software industry has specialized and most computer professionals have settled into a single area of expertise. Yet at the same time, software complexity has increased dramatically and any significant project now needs to be built from multiple technologies working in concert.

Our biggest advantage is our wide-ranging experience. For over fifteen years we have worked on interesting, cutting-edge projects in a variety of fields using the best technology available at the time. This gives us a breadth that few today can offer.

By having an understanding of the whole system from the circuits, to the operating system, to the user environment we can better anticipate problems and build general solutions that are much more robust and easier to maintain.


UNIX and open standards are the tools in our toolbox. We have experience with a variety of UNIX flavors including BSD, Solaris, Linux, and MacOS. And we have been using all of today's leading software technologies - Object Oriented Design, Java, Perl, XML - since they were introduced.

We shy away from closed, proprietary technology including the Windows operating system. The uncertainty inherent in such technologies makes it impossible for us to deliver solutions that we can trust and stand behind.

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