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We teach the same technology that we use every day. By blending instruction with regular development work, we are able to add an extra dimension to the typical learning environment. Slide presentations are flavored with stories and examples from our own experience. We don't just teach you how, we teach you why.


Training can be for large groups or small and provide either short overviews of a topic or in-depth, hands-on experience. We also occasionally provide one-on-one instruction which offers our customers the quickest and most thorough knowledge exchange.

If you have a special product or situation that you need to train people for, talk to us about developing a course for you. In this case, we produce a set of slides and documents and bring your instructors or sales people up to speed so they can continue the education process.


Below is a list of the courses that we work with on a regular basis. However, the content of a course is usually adapted to the needs of each customer. So if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please contact us for more information.

Advanced Java
Advanced C
Advanced C++
Introducing Perl
Introducing PHP
User Instruction
General Administration
Network Administration
Securing the System
Design Standards
Using UML
Object Oriented Thinking
Struts Web Development
Cocoa Applications
General Introduction
TCP/IP Protocol
IP Routing
Ethernet Switching
SDH/PDH Telecom
Cisco Specific
Cisco Switching
Cisco Routing
CCNA Exam Preparation
CCNP Exam Preparation

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